Coming up in April 2017 – new visa regulations for Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan – located in the heart of Central Asia, between two large rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. History of nations, living on this territory, is more than thousand years. This land became the motherland of civilization, which is perhaps one of the most ancient in the world. Truly an exciting place to visit!

Now the government announced that the country would be rolling back visa requirements for citizens of 27 countries.

The changes are expected to go into effect in April 2017. Citizens from 15 countries — Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom — will be able to travel to Uzbekistan visa-free for up to 30 days.

In addition, a visa-free month will be available to citizens over the age of 55 from 12 other countries — Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Vietnam.

So far, no official explanation of the age restriction or how these countries were sorted into the two lists has been offered but we have a rather good idea why that is…let’s see if also this changes in the future.

To tour Uzbekistan is simply a great experience. But, it is still not an easy destination, especially if you are rather an unexperienced traveler. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek guidance, from travel professionals like us, before you go. Also, if you need further information in regards to customs regulations simply get in touch with us – we are happy to help.