Entry Requirements Russia

A visa is needed for both leisure- and business travelers. In order to get a Russian visa, the first thing you need is an invitation (also known as visa support letter). After that, you can apply for the visa at a Russian consulate either by yourself or through a local travel agent (usually for an extra fee). Be careful, however, because many agents and hotels “lock” people into a fixed itinerary or limit their visa validity to the period they are staying at a particular hotel.

  1. Tourist visas are issued from 1 to 30 days (single- or double entry). Extended business visas are issued from 1 day to 12 months (single-, double or multiple entry).

  2. As mentioned above, you need the invitation (aka visa support letter) to apply for a Russian visa. If you want you can get it through one of our carefully selected providers.

  3. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your Russian visa will expire and contain at least two clear pages – for the visa and the migration card.

  4. You’ll need two passport-size photographs. They must be recent and of good quality.

  5. You’ll need to buy a travel insurance which is accepted in Russia and which must be valid for the period of your visa.

  6. Almost all consulates will require an HIV certificate if you are traveling to Russia on a business visa for 3 months or longer or if you require a multiple-entry visa.

  7. Prepare all the documents above and check with the consulate’s website if that is enough.

  8. Apply to the consulate in person or by post. You will need to pay the consular fee and present (send) the documents and the invitation (visa support). Caution: Some consulates don’t accept direct applications but only applications through an authorized visa center.

  9. The whole process will take you approximately – 1 day for research, 1 day for waiting in line at the consulate if you apply in person. Up to 15 working days until the visa is issued. Caution: There might be some unexpected roadblocks along the way. 

If you’d like to get the visa rather hassle free use some of the agencies we recommend worldwide – simply let us know.