Ever wondered where your Cruise Ship has been built?

Well, there are a few spots in the world, and one of them is Saint-Nazaire in the Loire-Atlantique department in western France, in traditional Brittany.

Brittany is known for its great beaches everywhere you look and is one of those destinations where the longer you spend in one place, the more there seems to be to discover.

But back to Saint-Nazaire. Some of you might remember that the port became a base of operations for the German Kriegsmarine and a heavily fortified U-boat Saint-Nazaire submarine base was built (“Das Boot” anyone?). Today a major shipyard and Airbus contribute to the well-being of the region.

Not only MSC Cruises’ is building its new generation of ships here (we very much look forward to that) but also Royal Caribbean International is utilizing the skills of these shipbuilders. By the way, the Queen Mary 2, allegedly the world’s only ocean liner, was born here.

The time of how long it takes to build a cruise ships varies. It depends on the respective shipyard, the outfit of the vessel, if ‘industry first’ innovations are incorporated, and so on…As a rough estimate, from the time they lay the first keel piece to delivery, about 2 years. Of course, from initial planning, to drawings, to models, to building, to delivery including sea trials it is significantly longer…

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Arno P. Prem, tourism & hospitality exec., est. ’90