How to become a paid travel blogger or digital nomad and Safeguard your trip

Want to become a professional travel blogger? It’s not surprising at all if, at some point in your life, you’ve dreamed of becoming a travel blogger – and professional means, you earn your living from it.

Becoming a travel blogger seems like a great idea in theory, but as you get more deeper in the process, things can get increasingly overwhelming. To be full time traveler and make a living from your travel blog, it’s not quite as simple as it seems. 

Well anyone can start a blog and become a “blogger”. The barrier to entry is small, which has benefits and disadvantages. There are currently thousands travel blogs online around the world — so standing out from the crowd is tough. And even there are hundreds if not thousands how to articles about becoming and travel blogger.


You have read through all the recommendations, How-To articles, DIY guides, Travel Tips & tricks, but what if something happens? Who can help you? Nobody can remember tons of travel guides with lack of survival experience. Difficult things can happen, you get sick or loose your passport or anything happens during the first dream travel, but how to ensure that you don’t stuck somewhere in the middle of the desert without help in some foreign country?!


Before you go to your first trip

We recommend to team-up with a professional traveler, or travel service provider – the one who really knows what traveling alone means, who traveled around the world and has already enough experiences; last but not least – who really knows places you want to visit – not just from photos.


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Be prepared before you go.  

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Before you even start blogging

  • Understand that if you want to eventually blog for a living, you will be running a full-time business.
  • Decide how you will make money from day one.
  • Have a decent savings set aside, because you will be funding your own travels when you first start.
  • Find a niche, and make sure you love it. Really love it.
  • Spend some time researching other travel blogs and join Facebook and LinkedIn groups too.
  • Buy your domain name right away — and make sure it represents your vibe. Affordable Web Hosting Starting at $3.95/month, with FREE Domain, 1-Click WordPress Install24/7 Support
  • Paying for help, courses, and travel to conferences all offer irreplaceable benefits that help a person succeed both as a blogger and a business person
  • Focus on the story only you can tell – be consistent – brand yourself.



Remember that you don’t need to be nomadic or constantly flying to new countries to be a travel blogger.


Have a “business” travel strategy

Being successful in blogging takes a lot of strategy and good business sense, as well as talent for telling stories and presenting them in a way that inspires people to see the world. It’s not only about throwing up a few blog posts, publish Instagram photos and having a Twitter account or Facebook page. While you see many travel bloggers, only a portion of them make decent money directly from their travel blogs.


Calculate your expenses before you go

What’s your next trip really going to cost you? Travel expenses can add up faster than you might think. Whatever type of trip you’re planning, you should first narrow your options down by region. Some parts of the world are more expensive than others, but within regions there is a lot of variability as well.

If traveling without a tour operator – on you can check the cost of living in foreign countries, you also will find information about the average cost of groceries, restaurants, and information about general life in the respective country.

If you decide to travel on your own, Airbnb can help you to check out accommodation prices before you go.


Build a website and/or establish your social media accounts

First impressions are key – and this philosophy also applies to websites. Creating a strong design for your blog – one that’s easy to navigate and understand – is important as this is one of your first chances to hook in a reader. And this is the travel industry: visuals are key.

Prepare content for blog posts and social media

Rock Social Media

Staying active on social media is important if you want to earn your living from blogging.

 Start publishing

There is no set rule on how often you should post — just pick a schedule… But updating your website on a regular basis has many benefits. You keep your (future) audience more engaged with you – but remember: Quality needs to be a top priority, and as the industry is becoming more crowded, it’s needed more than ever to make you stand out. Take the time to research the subject you’re writing about – look at it like a reporter or journalist would (because you are one, remember?) Be informed and authoritative to attract readers and potential industry partners who trust you as a source of travel information. Assume your readers’ intelligence and come up to their level with engaging, useful, and creative posts.

Make photos – visual content sells

Invest in the best camera you can, and learn how to use it.

Visuals are a very important part of running a travel blog, and if you have beautiful photos, it will be much easier to engage with your audience.

If you’re not the best photographer, let technology help you

If you’re not great at photography, let the technology help you, play with photo filters or use Canva for creating free graphics overlaid with the title of the blog post to use as hero images for posts. These also do well for social media sharing to get you more clickthroughs from sites like Pinterest and Twitter.

View other peoples’ photos to get better at taking your own.


Create travel videos for your blog

Not many travel bloggers make quality videos on a consistent basis, so this content will help you stand out. Posting videos on platforms like YouTube also lets you reach different audiences and monetize views.


Guest Posting

When you first start your travel blog, no one will know you exist. A good way to change that is to write guest posts on other popular blogs with large audiences, and siphon some of their readers over to you.


Building An Audience Is Key!

Build your audience

Don’t get caught up in quick ways to build followers, but be patient and let your audience grow organically and naturally. It takes a lot of dedication to get your work noticed on social media: interact with influencers and brands, and consistently share quality information with them. Over time, they will begin to notice your work.
  • Give away free ebooks in exchange for mailing list subscription – to grow your audience.
  • Publish newsletter on regular basis – to keep community engaged
  • respond to your readers: as you grow and become more successful, you will start to have total strangers following everything you do. These are the people who can help you turn travel blogging into a full-fledged career, so never forget them.


Engage with other travel bloggers.

Instead of just emailing someone whose work you enjoy and prying them for advice that will only serve yourself, make it about real connection.


Go to conferences and network with other bloggers and companies.

Although we exist in a digital world, the business contacts You can make in person at conferences and events are worth more than any conversation you can have on social media.


Understand that most of the ways to make money aren’t actually about pure blogging.


Partner with well known brands

Once you’ve got the ball rolling and built an audience, you can start thinking about working with other travel brands. Successful partnerships rely on pitching to brands that share your values and travel style, so you have to be strategic about who you choose to work with (instead of taking anything you can get!). A professional blog is a media outlet – treat it as such.

Never endorse a product that you don’t actually believe in!!


Monetize your blog

A lot of bloggers have a ‘blog first, monetize later’ approach. There are a number of ways you can leverage that audience in order to make you some cash – affiliates, brand partnerships, freelance writing work, consultancy, creating your own products… to name a few – and the most successful monetization techniques will always keep that audience in mind.


Make passive income

Books, courses, booking services, tours…whatever! You can scale those and they can earn you revenue while you drink beers on a beach! Going on all those ‘free trips’ is ultimately too much work. Businesses sell something — something other people can buy while you sleep.


Don’t oversell and teach


Never stop learning



End of story. 

May we help you plan your dream?


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