Monetize your blog. Make passive Income on Autopilot.

Monetize your blog

A lot of bloggers have a ‘blog first, monetize later’ approach. There are a number of ways you can leverage that audience in order to make you some cash – affiliates, brand partnerships, freelance writing work, consultancy, creating your own products… to name a few – and the most successful monetization techniques will always keep that audience in mind.

Make passive income

Books, courses, booking services, tours…whatever! You can scale those and they can earn you revenue while you drink beers on a beach! Going on all those ‘free trips’ is ultimately too much work. Businesses sell something — something other people can buy while you sleep.

Don’t oversell

Give away free ebooks in exchange for mailing list subscription – to grow your audience. It takes a lot of dedication to get your work noticed on social media: interact with influencers and brands, and consistently share quality information with them. Over time, they will begin to notice your work.

Build your audience

Don’t get caught up in quick ways to build followers, but be patient and let your audience grow organically and naturally. Publish newsletter on regular basis – to keep community engaged

respond to your readers: as you grow and become more successful, you will start to have total strangers following everything you do. These are the people who can help you turn travel blogging into a full-fledged career, so never forget them.