Sleeping in the Cargo Hold…

Neither are we fans of science-fiction when it comes to travel nor do we appreciate click-paid articles…and no, we don’t know if these hypersonic jets, which will get you from London to New York in 15 minutes or so, will ever fly.

That said, there is a statement from the chairman of Air France-KLM which made us sit up and take notice. The airline is working on a concept for bunk beds in economy class.

Now, we live in a time (Asian carriers usually excluded) where established airlines start to even charge for a glass of water and for the transport of luggage. If this concept should become live then, without a doubt, the airline will charge extra for this. Moreover, real Estate on a plane means money so we can likely expect very tight ‘living quarters’ in economy…..

But in theory, this concept might have merit for travelers. It depends as of how the airline will set it up. In any case, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned.