This hidden iPhone feature will lower your Roaming costs and boost your reception in cellular dead zones

Many of us have horrible cellular dead zones in our homes, in some entertainment places, bars and pubs, while traveling abroad or maybe where we work. But there’s a simple fix for this: it’s WiFi Calling. Here’s how to enable it on your iPhone. 

You no longer have to awkwardly hold your phone in the air while waiting for some cellular signal. Instead just turn on your iPhone’s Wifi Assist which enables you to make phone calls over wifi.

To turn on this feature go to:

  • Settings ->
  • Phone ->
  • Wifi calling ->
  • Enable Feature ->
  • Turn On the feature

You’ll be asked to register your current location, since 911 services can only locate you with your cell signal, meaning emergency contact will have no idea where you are if you call over wifi.

You might forget to update this every time you change locations so just use the place you most frequently visit.

Of course you need to have Wifi coverage nearby.