TravelHack: When private jets are cheaper or cost the same than regular airlines.

…just some food for thought…..when private jets are cheaper or cost the same than regular airlines . Basically prices are determined based on which aircraft is being used and the distance flown. However, “empty leg” fares available. An empty leg comes about when a private jet is repositioning . E.g. – a private plane from London to Cannes (Nice airport) on a Citation 1 could cost you €192/$212 per person. Regular airlines charge either the same or above this price for a nonstop flight.
Discounted short-haul flights are sometimes on short-notice. Longer-haul flights however are often offered months in advance. E.g. – a group of up to 14 could fly nonstop from London to Hong Kong on a Gulfstream G600 for €4200/$4650 per person. A first class nonstop flight with, for example, Cathay Pacific or BA costs around €9600/$10600 per person.
A few more advantages when flying private – parking lots are usually free and secure 24/7. Transport drivers are available to load your bags and no luggage will be lost . It also saves you the frustration of going through those dreaded security lines. Once on the aircraft, you choose when to eat and drink whatever you have pre-ordered for your group.
Flying private is just that – private. You can hold meeting if you need to and aircrafts are equipped with laptop connections, have some cabin phones and fax machines . Want to know more and plan perhaps a team building weekend trip? Get in touch with us