Traveling abroad? Why You should use a VPN service

VPN allows you to encrypt your data when working in public spaces and you are also able to view pages on the internet from different countries around the world. It also helps when getting around some websites that won’t serve you information if you’re not from a specific geographical location. No, it’s not about watching Netflix abroad. It’s about security.

As a tourist, traveler, or a digital nomad, you probably use public wifi a lot. Although it’s always a good idea to switch to a tethered cellular connection whenever you work with sensitive data, it’s not always possible. Browsing the net in a coffee shop without a VPN, could lead to sharing your passwords or sensitive data to the observer – accessible by the public.

Whenever You are on free wifi, use VPN service.

Opera browser has a integrated VPN for free.

But be aware, some countries prohibit usage of VPN service, and could mean breaking of local laws.