True Tale – flight Southwest Airlines

As it happened on December 7, 2016.

Usually the announcements’ made by pilots are routine, for example to welcome the passengers prior to take off. More rare are the ones during the flight e.g. information about a geographic feature which can be seen from the plane.

However, if an announcement is made during the flight it means usually nothing good – bad weather ahead, turbulence, do we have a doctor onboard, and so on.

The pilot of a flight to Kansas City last week had something different to say nonetheless – “Ladies and Gentlemen, my congratulations, you completely wiped out our stock of booze.” Remember, the low cost carrier Southwest charges for the drinks. So with other words, no can of beer, no bottle of wine, and not a drop liquor was left.

Well, the flight was full with Oakland Raiders fans on the way to a game. Thing was that the passengers had no choice other than to sober up since the flight lasted another 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The Raiders lost the next day’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs with 13:21. Hopefully, the plane back had enough booze on board to comfort the fans.